Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

When you start making money online with your blog, you’ll quickly learn that Adsense, and selling ad space on your blog is not where the good money is.  Sure, you can make a little by putting pay per click ads on your site, or even pay per month ad spots, but there is always a ceiling on how much you can make per visitor.

As you grow into a seasoned blogger, you’re going to find the need to make money selling products.  Of course, you can make your own products and sell them on your blog.  People do this a lot, selling books or courses they’ve developed.  I’m even currently working on a marketing course I will be able to sell from Hack Your Blog.  But for a lot of people, especially when they’re just starting out, they don’t have a product to sell.

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes into play.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When someone creates a product, they will usually try to sell it themselves.  However, you could make a lot more money if you enlist the help of thousands of others to sell it for you.  For instance, when an author writes a book, he doesn’t go to his local bookstore and setup a display and sell his books from there.  He ships his books to stores all over the world, selling them to the stores at a cheaper price so the store can resell it and make money.

Affiliate Marketing is the same thing.  When someone has a product or service to sell, if they enlist you as an Affiliate, you’re basically selling their product and getting a commission from it.

Why do people do this?

It’s quite simple.  I could sell 200 books from my website at $10 a piece.  I would make $2,000.  However, if I allowed affiliates to sell my book, I could offer them a $5 commission.  True, my profit would only be $5 per book.  However, if the affiliates sold 4,000 books, I would still make a lot more money than just selling it myself.

The biggest stores in the world, including online giants like iTunes, take advantage of affiliate marketing.  It just makes sense to have as many people selling your product as possible.

How can I become an affiliate?

Easy! There are affiliate networks that allow you to create an account and connect to all kinds of merchants wanting to sell their products.  Below is a list of affiliate networks I have experience with.

1. ClickBank

This is the big dog for internet marketers.  Most affiliate marketers talk about ClickBank.  It has good products and bad products, but people have made a lot of money both as merchants and as affiliates at this network.

2. ShareASale

My wife and I are both members of ShareASale.  They have a lot of great merchants to choose from.  Recently, my wife got a $400 check out of the blue from this affiliate network.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

3. Commission Junction

I haven’t had a ton of success with this but mainly because I naturally lean toward other monetization strategies.  CJ does filter their affiliates though so you’ll have to pass their requirements to get an account.

4. LinkShare

This network has big names like and iTunes.  They are definitely worth a look.

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